SLAYER3 - Another jukebox project...
-"It's a totally new music experience!"

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Latest update: 2001-05-19

Contact developer: Ola Tenglin

Feature list software:
-mySQL backbone
-Variable audio decoder
  (Use of for example mpg123, xaudio, ogg, mikmod, playsid)
-Database design implies to the new ID3 V2 standard
-Configuration from web interface
-NFS mounted disks for easy HDD upgrade
-Playlist support
-CDA ripper and audio encoder
  (Automagicaly injects new tracks)
-Usage of FreeDB
-Written in Perl

Feature list hardware:
-External interface to Ericsson MC218 using PCL
-LCD display from Matrix Orbital
-IRDA for remote control access
-Ethernet NIC
-SB16 soundcard
-HDD >40GB
-CD ROM reader for easy injection

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